VOTE Dan Elliott State Representative

Fresh Representation for Warwick!

I'm Dan Elliott and I am preparing for a second run to represent our district in the Rhode Island House of Representatives. We are organizing and fundraising now to hit the ground running this summer! Our base of supporters has grown over the last two years as more people have joined our grassroots independent political movement. We are the real voice of working Rhode Islanders, fighting against the special interests who will do anything to maintain power and control.

When our representatives stop working for the people who elected them and only serve lobbyists and themselves, the people must vote them out. That's why I'm running to be your State Representative. I will always listen to your concerns and be a strong voice for the people of our district. In short, I will DO THE JOB you sent me to the State House to do.

With fresh leadership and new ideas, we can make Rhode Island the "Best State For Business!" People continue to flee our state in search of jobs and opportunity. Rhode Island must position itself nationally as an attractive place for new business to locate.

State government taxes us heavily and delivers very poor value for our money. Over the last ten years the General Assembly has voted to increase state spending by 33%. Despite this additional spending, our public schools are still falling apart physically and failing academically. On infrastructure, DOT spends the most money per mile of road of any state and Rhode Island's roads are still the worst in the country. Our government's DCYF has compromised the lives of countless Rhode Island children, while seniors line up outside in the cold because our government's UHIP benefits system didn't work.

We are facing a $220 Million budget gap, and the legislature is still considering handing $38 Million in taxpayer dollars to the PawSox billionaires. Our state government already spends millions on corporate welfare for out-of-state companies with tax dollars extracted from RI small businesses. We must fight back against this corrupt practice! Rhode Island businesses must compete on a level playing field, and I will oppose these "candy store" giveaways.

Let's get back to taking care of business for the people in our community. Let's rebuild Warwick's schools into the best school district in the state. Let's fix UHIP and hold Deloitte accountable! The time is now for fresh leadership at the State House and a new direction for Rhode Island. This election, please Vote Dan Elliott for Representative in House District 20!

Register now and make sure you can vote this year! If you might not be able to get to the polls for any reason on November 6th, you may vote by Mail Ballot with ease from the comfort of your home. When you vote by Mail Ballot, no matter what the circumstances on Election Day, all your family members' votes will be counted!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my web site. I look forward to meeting you while campaigning this election season!